The hot summer won’t be with us much longer, which means we’ll be putting some logs on the fireplace. Now is the time to make sure the chimney and fireplace are both clean and all is in proper working order for a safe winter.

The type of firewood you use will depend on how much of a buildup you have from the smoke and soot. If there is too much residue left behind, your fireplace is a fire risk from the flue to the chimney. Over the spring and summer months, it is also possible that birds or other animals have taken up residence in your chimney. There is also the matter of leaves and limbs falling into the chimney as well.
If you are one of those DIY persons, you may want to attempt to clean your own chimney. Make sure you have the proper, specialized tools and a good, strong ladder. If heights aren’t for you, there are professionals that can clean chimneys. While they may be a bit more costly, the safety of your family home is priceless. You’ll also want to make sure all the bricks in place and have any missing mortar replaced and repoint the bricks.

From the inside, if you haven’t already, this is good time to clean your fireplace or wood burning stove. If you place candles or flowers in your fireplace during the spring and summer, it’s time to get them moved out. Do a thorough once-over and be certain that all the dust is cleaned out. You don’t want any extra items in there for igniting. Make sure the flue is in good working order too and if you have gas logs, make sure all the gas lines are hooked up and no leaks.