We’ve had a pretty mild summer so far in regards to the heat, however, that doesn’t mean we won’t see those 3 digit temps. Along with all the tricks in the book to help ease the electric bill, like unplugging the items you are using, shopping power companies for the best rate and changing air filters, there is one more thing you can do to help: install Solar Screens.

A cost effective investment that will keep the sun’s heated up rays out of your home which will lower your electric bill. At first consideration, you may feel like Solar Screens are too expensive, but the ROI you will see year after year make that investment worthwhile.
Just exactly what are Solar Screens? Have you seen houses with what appear to have blackened windows? You probably noticed that you can’t see in them which means that the sun’s rays aren’t getting in either! Solar Screens are made of a mesh material that blocks as much as 90% of the heat that the sun puts out, but you can still see outside. That mesh material comes in an assortment of colors that can match your home’s paint and trim colors too.

So how do Solar Screens fit in with A Best Air? Well, you can raise the temperature setting on your central air unit because with the Solar Screens blocking out the heat, your AC unit works less. Thiskeeps it from wearing out and lessens the need for service calls. The biggest benefit to you is the less your AC unit is on, the lower the electric bill!