Winter Is Just Around The Corner Already – HVAC Heating Checklist

Can you believe how time has flown by? In this part of the country, we have experienced a mild summer, almost unbelievably cool. We’re all excited that we aren’t having the AC on 100% of the time. While this is all well and good, is your heating system ready for that first round of cold weather that will be here soon?

No matter how wonderful the weather outside right now, this is the time to have your heating system checked out make sure it is ready to work when Fall arrives. While the East Coast enjoys a beautiful Fall of changing leaves, here in the Tulsa area, we could very well have snow by then.

Besides being comfortable when that first cold snap hits, getting your heating system checked out now is also preventive maintenance as well. When your heating system is working properly, it helps keep your utility bills lower as well head off any potential problem that could cost you even more.

The HVAC Heating Checklist

While the A Best Air & Heat technician is checking your heat system out, use that time to check your doors and windows for cracks and leaks. If the cold air is seeping in, your heat system will have to work harder and that will cost you more money.
Check the air filters. If you have central air and heat, you should change the filters out every 30 days, however, with the unusual cooler summer we’ve had, you may have forgotten to do that. When the air filters are dirty, your heating system has to work harder and thus, can cost you more on the energy bill. It can also wear your heating system out and cause you expensive repair cost, or worse, replacement expense.

How is your thermostat? This is one thing that many homeowners don’t even think about but your thermostat can wear out faster than you may realize which means, it isn’t reading or working accurately. When your thermostat isn’t working accurately, then your cooling or heating system isn’t working properly either and that my friends, is costing you money on the energy bills.


Other maintenance steps you can take without having to call A Best Air and Heating are as follows:
Clean the fan blades to your heater if they are easily accessible
Oil the blower shafts and motor with a drop of oil if easily accessible
Check the furnace blower belt and if misaligned, adjust by loosening the screws and re-tighten when done
To do those 3 things usually doesn’t take any special tools or training, however if you aren’t comfortable with the process, call the professionals at A Best Air and Heating. That first night the temps drop below freezing, you’ll be glad you did!