Easy middle school science: Hot air rises. Cold air drops.

Believe it or not, ceiling fans are not just for hot weather. Ceiling fans actually can spread the warmth around your home as well, if you know how to use them! For your ceiling fans to be the most effective during the cold months, the key things is the fan blade direction.

It’s hot right now and if your ceiling fan is cooling you off, then the blades are turning the direction that is forcing air down into a room, which is counter-clockwise. It isn’t cooling the room per say, it is simply creating a breeze like effect and making you cooler.
As the weather gets cooler, your ceiling fan can make the room warmer with a simple change. Ceiling fans have a switch on the base that the blades come out of. Click the switch the other direction and it will reverse the direction the blades are turning. You of course will want to turn

the fan off before attempting this!
With the blades turning the opposite direction and will push the warm air down that is sitting between the fan itself and the ceiling. Remember: Hot air rises. So the effect it is deflecting that warmer air down, and thus you are feeling warmth.