You could burn just about anything in your fireplace for heat, but not all things are healthy in terms of you will be inhaling the fumes and smoke from whatever you’re burning. A Best Air and Heat offers some suggestions on what to look for in acceptable and safe firewood choices.

Dry firewood is the best.

The type of tree the wood comes from isn’t really as big of an issue as people thing, but being dry is a key factor.
You want it to be easy to light.

There is nothing more frustrating that using match after match or having to click and hold a lighter for what seems to be eternity to light the wood.

Use heavy wood, but not too heavy.

When the wood you choose is too lightweight, it burns up quicker, thus you have a pile of ashes and you’re still cold. Keep the first suggestion in mind and make sure that the wood you choose isn’t heavy because it’s wet!

We don’t have a scientific process in choosing the right wood for your fireplace. It is a matter of using reliable senses but these few tips should guide you in the right direction.