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  • Choosing a HVAC Contractor Wisely

    A Best Air wants to make sure you know what questions to ask when choosing a contractor to meet you HVAC needs.

    HVAC Installation Methods Matter

    Remember this, it really doesn't matter what brand air conditioning system you go with if the company does not install it correctly. Of course, the top quality brands will usually last longer but nothing impacts the life and efficiency of a system like the installation process.

    If air conditioning equipment could be wheeled into your house like a refrigerator and “plugged” into a convenient outlet and you just decide on a brand and a model, then shopping by price might be a good strategy because it would just be a question of which company could “plug” it in the cheapest. But installing an HVAC system is far more than just “plugging” it in.

    There are so many ways to “cut corners” that it is nearly impossible to list them all and if someone didn't tell you about them, you’d never know any better until it’s too late. Some of the items that can be ignored (either by intent or by ignorance) are incredibly important, not only for your comfort but your health all in the name of a “cheaper price”.

    HVAC codes and regulations

    For example, all cities have specific codes regulating the installation of air conditioning equipment, including Tulsa. Codes about electrical switches and connections; gas piping and safety cutoffs; flue pipes brought up to code including the size, type of materials, pitch angles, and clearances. How many of them are you familiar with? Don’t you think the contractor knows that you don’t know the codes and requirements? This is just one more way estimates can be lowered and prices range dramatically.

    Other HVAC Installation Issues

    Other items that can be “overlooked” that are not subject to inspection, but will eventually cost you money and inconvenience if not installed correctly, are:

    • Condenser slabs not level
    • Proper evacuating and charging of refrigerant lines
    • Clearances for refrigerant lines; combustion air for furnaces and service accessibility

    Again, make sure to print out the HVAC Choosing Wisely Checklist. We want you to compare and feel comfortable that you are receiving the best value from A Best Air.